7th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents

Conference Programme


Rendering and Analysis, 09:00-10:30

Simulation Level of Detail for Virtual Humans (30 mn)
Cyril Brom, Ondrej Sery, Tomas Poch
Towards Natural Gesture Synthesis: Evaluating gesture units in a data-driven approach to gesture synthesis (30 mn)
Michael Kipp, Michael Neff, Kerstin H. Kipp, Irene Albrecht
3D Audiovisual Rendering and Real-Time Interactive Control of Expressivity in a Talking Head (15 mn)
J.-C. Martin, C. d’Alessandro, C. Jacquemin, B. Katz, A. Max, L. Pointal and A. Rilliard
Semantic Segmentation of Motion Capture Using Laban Movement Analysis (15 mn)
Durell Bouchard and Norman Badler

coffee break, 10:30-11:00

Invited Talk - Luc Steels, 11:00-12:00

Culture and Identity, 12:00-13:00

A Computational Model of Culture-Specific Conversational Behavior (30 mn)
Dusan Jan, David Herrera, Bilyana Martinovski, David Novick, David Traum
Ethnic Identity and Engagement in Embodied Conversational Agents (15 mn)
Francisco Iacobelli and Justine Cassell
Neuroticism – a Competitive Advantage (also) for IVAs? (15 mn)
Christoph Hermann, Helmuth Melcher, Stefan Rank, Robert Trappl

lunch, 13:00-14:15

Behavior models, 14:15-16:15

Emotionally Expressive Head and Body Movement During Gaze Shifts (30 mn)
Brent Lance and Stacy Marsella
Fuzzy Similarity of Facial Expressions of Embodied Agents (30 mn)
Radoslaw Niewiadomski, Catherine Pelachaud
The Behavior Markup Language: Recent Developments and Challenges (30 mn)
Hannes Vilhjalmsson, Nathan Cantelmo, Justine Cassell, Nicolas E. Chafai, Michael Kipp, Stefan Kopp, Maurizio Mancini, Stacy Marsella, Andrew N. Marshall, Catherine Pelachaud, Zsofi Ruttkay, Kristinn R. Thorisson, Herwin van Welbergen, Rick van der Werf
Dynamic behavior qualifiers for conversational agents (30 mn)
Maurizio Mancini, Catherine Pelachaud

coffee break, 16:15-16:45

Industrial demo, 16:45-19:00

Poster, Demo, Cocktail, 19:00-21:00


Conversation models, 09:00-10:15

Creating Rapport with Virtual Agents (30 mn)
Ning Wang, Jonathan Gratch, Robin Duffy, Jillian Gerten, Edward Fast, and Wendy Treynor
Incremental Multimodal Feedback for Conversational Agents (15 mn)
Stefan Kopp, Thorsten Stocksmeier, Dafydd Gibbon
Searching for Prototypical Facial Feedback Signals (15 mn)
Dirk Heylen, Elisabetta Bevacqua, Marion Tellier, Catherine Pelachaud
Fluid Semantic Back-Channel Feedback in Dialogue: Challenges & Progress (15 mn)
Gudny R. Jonsdottir, Jonathan Gratch, Edward Fast, Kristinn R. Thorisson

coffee break, 10:15-10:45

Invited Talk - Sotaro Kita, 10:45-11:45

Dialogues 11:45-12:30

T2D: Generating Dialogues between Virtual Agents Automatically from Text (30 mn)
Paul Piwek, Hugo Hernault, Helmut Prendinger and Mitsuru Ishizuka
So Let's See: Taking and Keeping the Initiative in collaborative Dialogues (15 mn)
Sabine Payr

lunch, 12:30-13:45

Applications, 13:45-15:45

Health Document Explanation by Virtual Agents (30 mn)
Timothy W. Bickmore, Laura M. Pfeifer, and Michael K. Paasche-Orlow
Virtual Patients for Clinical Therapist Skills Training (30 mn)
Patrick Kenny, Thomas D. Parsons, Jonathan Gratch, Albert A. Rizzo
The Virtual Anatomy Assistant Ritchie: Integrating a Virtual Agent into the Real World (30 mn)
Volker Wiendl, Klaus Dorfmueller-Ulhaas, Nicolas Schulz, Elisabeth Andre
Proactive Authoring for Interactive Drama: An Author's Assistant (30 mn)
Mei Si, Marsella C. Stacy, David V. Pynadath

coffee break, 15:45-16:15

Evaluation, 16:15-17:30

The effects of an embodied conversational agent?s nonverbal behavior on user?s evaluation and behavioral mimicry (30 mn)
Nicole Kramer, Nina Simons, Stefan Kopp
Spatial Social Behavior in Second Life (30 mn)
Doron Friedman, Anthony Steed, Mel Slater
Generating Embodied Descriptions Tailored to User Preferences (15 mn)
Mary Ellen Foster

Gala, 17:30-18:30

Social Dinner, 20:00-24:00


Gaze models, 09:00-10:15

Scrutinizing natural scenes: controlling the gaze of an embodied conversational agent (30 mn)
Antoine Picot, Gerard Bailly, Frederic Elisei, Stephan Raidt
Attentive Presentation Agents (30 mn)
Tobias Eichner, Helmut Prendinger, Elisabeth Andre, Mitsuru Ishizuka
The Rickel Gaze Model: A Window on the Mind of a Virtual Human (15 mn)
Jina Lee, Stacy Marsella, David Traum, Jonathan Gratch, Brent Lance
coffee break, 10:15-10:45

Invited Talk - Drifa Benseghir, 10:45-11:45

Emotions, 11:45-13:15

Embodied Creative Agents: A social-cognitive framework (30 mn)
S. Buisine, A. Aoussat, J.C. Martin
Feel the difference: A Guide with Attitude! (30 mn)
MeiYii Lim and Ruth Aylett
It's All in the Anticipation (15 mn)
Carlos Martinho and Ana Paiva
Incorporating Emotion Regulation into Virtual Stories (15 mn)
Tibor Bosse, Matthijs Pontier, Ghazanfar F. Siddiqui, and Jan Treur

Closing session, 13:15-13:30


Poster and demo sessions

  1. Endowing emotional agents with coping strategies: from emotions to emotional behaviour, Carole Adam, Dominique Longin
  2. From IVAs to Comics: Generating Comic Strips from Emergent Stories with Autonomous Characters, Tiago Alves, Ana Simoes, Marco Vala, Ana Paiva, Adrian McMichael, Ruth Aylett
  3. Emotional Agents with Team Roles to Support Human Group Training, Raul Antonio Aguilar Vera, Angelica de Antonio and Ricardo Imbert
  4. Context Awareness in Mobile Relational Agents, Timothy W. Bickmore, Daniel Mauer and Thomas Brown
  5. Teaching Human-like Movements to Autonomous Agents via Implicit Training, Anton Bogdanovych, Marc Esteva, Simeon Simoff and Carles Sierra
  6. Human actors and virtual agents playing together to transform stage direction practices, Alain Bonardi, Christine Zeppenfelde
  7. Towards characters with a full episodic memory, Cyril Brom, Klara Peskova, Jiri Lukavsky
  8. Towards fast prototyping of IVAs behavior: Pogamut 2, Ondrej Burkert, Rudolf Kadlec, Jakub Gemrot, Michal Bida, Jan Havlicek, Martin Dorfler, Cyril Brom
  9. Towards a Multicultural ECA Tour Guide System, A. Cerekovic, H.-H. Huang, I. S. Pandzic, Y. Nakano and T. Nishida
  10. Towards the specification of an ECA with variants of gestures, Nicolas Ech Chafai, Catherine Pelachaud, Danielle Pele
  11. AI-RPG Toolkit: Towards A Deep Model Implementation for Improvisational Virtual Drama, Chung-Cheng Chiu, Edward Chao-Chun Kao, Paul Hsueh-Min Chang, and Von-Wun Soo
  12. Attention Based, Naive Strategies, for Guiding Intelligent Virtual Agents, Damien Clauzel, Claudia Roda, Laurent Ach, Benoit Morel
  13. Behavioural Reactive Agents for Video Game Opponents with Personalities, Carlos Delgado-Mata, Jesus Ibanez-Martinez
  14. Adapting hierarchical social organisation by integrating fear into an agent architecture, Pablo Lucas dos Anjos, Ruth Aylett, Alison Cawsey
  15. Roles of a Talking Head in a Cooperative Human-Robot Dialogue System, Mary Ellen Foster
  16. Modeling Imitational Behavior via Social Comparison Theory: Extended Abstract, Natalie Fridman and Gal A. Kaminka
  17. Social animation in complex environments, Francisco Grimaldo, Miguel Lozano, Fernando Barber
  18. A Script Driven Multimodal Embodied Conversational Agent Based on a Generic Framework, Hung-Hsuan Huang, Aleksandra Cerekovic, Igor S. Pandzic, Yukiko Nakano and Toyoaki Nishida
  19. A Quiz Game Console Based on a Generic Embodied Conversational Agent Framework, Hung-Hsuan Huang, Taku Inoue, Aleksandra Cerekovic, Igor S. Pandzic, Yukiko Nakano and Toyoaki Nishida
  20. AVSML: An XML-based Markup Language for Web Information Integration in 3D Virtual Space, Yasuhiko Kitamura, Yatsuho Shibata, Keisuke Tokuda, Kazuki Kobayashi and Noriko Nagata
  21. Simulation Environment for Anticipatory Behaving Agents from the Artificial Life Domain, Karel Kohout, Pavel Nahodil
  22. Towards an architecture for aligned speech and gesture production, Stefan Kopp, Kirsten Bergmann
  23. Avatar puppetry using real-time audio and video analysis, Sylvain Le Gallou, Gaspard Breton, Renaud Seguier, Christophe Garcia
  24. Towards a theory of mind for synthetic characters, Sandy Louchart, Ruth Aylett
  25. An Expressive Avatar for Instant Messaging Endowed with Emotional Intelligence, Alena Neviarouskaya, Helmut Prendinger, Mitsuru Ishizuka
  26. ALICIA: An Architecture for Intelligent Affective Agents, Marco Paleari, Brian Duffy and Benoit Huet
  27. Towards a unified model of social and environment-directed agent gaze behaviour, Christopher Peters
  28. Automatic Generation of Expressive Gaze in Virtual Animated Characters: From Artists Craft to a Behavioral Animation Model, Rossana Baptista Queiroz, Leandro Motta Barros and Soraia Raupp Musse
  29. Analyzing gaze during face-to-face interaction, Stephan Raidt, Gerard Bailly & Frederic Elisei
  30. Affect and Metaphor in an ICA: Further Developments, C J Smith, T H Rumbell, J A Barnden, M G Lee, S R Glasbey and A M Wallington
  31. A Case-based Approach to Intelligent Virtual Agent's Interaction Experience Representation, Haris Supic
  32. Modeling Spatiotemporal Uncertainty in Dynamic Virtual Environments, Spyros Vosinakis, George Anastassakis, Themis Panayiotopoulos